How Fast Does Your Computer Really Need To Be?

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Water cooled computer, Water cooled CPU

It is surprising to see how fast computers have gotten, and what amazing things are now capable for our everyday use.  Many of the tasks that a decade ago were only for the high-tech or the very patient are able to be to done by the average computer user in a fraction of the time.  With all the increases in speed and capabilities of computers, how much power do you really need from your own personal computer? If you are looking to get more out of your computer and want to upgrade memory, upgrade your CPU, or upgrade anything else bring your computer in to Computech and we can take your computer from slow to fast in no time. a simple memory upgrade and a little malware and spyware removal can go a long ways when it comes to speeding up your PC. You may even take it a step further by upgrading your old hard drive to a new state of the art super fast solid state drive.

You may be surprised to find out that the average computer’s full capacity and power stands idle for 95% of the time.  With so much time sitting idle, most computer users have a computer that has way more power than they need.  That’s almost like driving an Indie 500 racecar to pick up your kids from school and grab a loaf of bread.

[headline style=”3″ color=”blue” tag=”h1″]How do We Normally Use Our Computers?[/headline]

The most common thing that people spend time on their computer for is to go on the internet for such things as checking e-mail, updating Facebook status, or streaming video.  While 5 years ago some of these tasks could eat up a large amount of your PC’s power (and consequently your time), better standards and better programming have helped streamline many of these trouble tasks to make them considerably quicker and easier to do.

The next most common uses of a computer are word processing tasks:  typing up a report for class, filling in a spreadsheet, making a slide show for a business meeting.  These are also low powered tasks that don’t use up too much or your computing power and can easily done on most computers.

Lastly, there’s viewing of different media:  playing music, watching a DVD.  With increase in technology, the only issues you would come up against with these tasks are specific hardware issues.  For example, if I want to play a Blu-Ray disc, I will want to make sure my computer has a Blu-Ray player on it.

For all of these common daily tasks, almost any modern computer will be able to handle them.  If these are pretty much all you will be working on, a lower priced model will probably be all you will need.

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Water cooled, GPU cooler

While most everyday tasks don’t require much of your computer’s resources, there may be a few things you might be wanting to do that will make an investment in a higher-powered PC pay off greatly in the long-run.  Here are a few to look out for when planning to get your new computer.

  • Video Editing:  Making videos can take a considerable amount of time on a computer, so much so that it can take more time for the computer to make the video than the video itself will play for.  This is because of the time it takes to put all of the videos frames together and match that up with the music, etc., etc.  If you are going to do a lot of video editing, it would help to have a faster PC.
  • Computer Programming:  Compiling and debugging can take up quite a good amount of time, and the more code for the program, the more time it will take your computer to process and compile it.  A fast computer can really speed up the process of debugging.
  • Computer Animation:  Computer animation can use up a lot of your computer’s power.  All 3-D objects on a computer are comprised of a whole bunch of triangles arranged in great numbers to make a surface look smooth.  Each point on those triangles has to be computed when it’s moving, and that means a lot of thinking power from your computer.
  • CAD:  Computer Aided Design, or CAD, software is meant to help in designing anything from buildings to engines.  Another use of 3-D modeling, CAD software benefits greatly from faster computing.

If your daily computer usage doesn’t include any of these or other intensive tasks, most of your modern computers should be able to take care of what you’re going to be doing on your computer. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and desktop in for routine service. Dust alone can kill your pc if not cleaned out every so often. We can’t tell you how many computers we get in our store that are dead due to overheating caused by dust build up. We offer competitive rates on all of our computer repair services.  We service Idaho Falls and the rest of Eastern Idaho so give us a call. We can come to you in many cases!