Flip Your Screen!

Directions: Read everything before you do anything

Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key (see below)

Next press CTRL + ALT + the right arrow key

Then press CTRL + ALT + the left arrow key

Then, before you get too dizzy press CTRL + ALT + the down arrow key

At least you know how to flip your screen back if anyone messes with it.

And if this activity didn’t work on your computer it just means you might have a different version of Windows or this particular feature may have been disabled. But if you ever see an upside down screen you’ll know what to do.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Try flipping your screen a couple of times. If it works try sharing this little trick with someone else today. Don’t forget to show them how to flip it back.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING: If you’d like to learn more about working in the Microsoft Windows Operating System try searching the internet for: Microsoft Windows Tutorial