Turn Off Unnecessary Programs – PC Speed Tip

By October 8, 2013Uncategorized

Over time your computer will slow down a lot from the installation of programs for a few reasons. New programs often have startup files running in the background which take up memory. They also take up valuable hard drive space.  One of the best and most effective ways to speed up your PC is to remove unnecessary programs from startup.

You may have noticed that you have a lot of icons in the bottom right hand of your startup bar. Most of these likely never get used by you, and take-up valuable resources. So to speed things up we are going to stop them from starting up.

I recommend downloading CCleaner and using it, as it will also clean up a lot of other files as well as help you optimize your startup files.  Don’t forget that if your computer is running slow there are a number of things that will really help, but you will need to visit a computer repair shop like Computech to do. These things include adding memory, upgrading your CPU, upgrading your graphics card, installing a faster hard drive and more. So if you find that removing programs from your startup does not help give Computech a call, they can help.