Data Backup

The data you have stored on your home or work computer is a lot more than just some ones and zeros. It is time, money and your lifeblood in many cases. Losing an entire hard drive full of data can be a very sad and scary event. Everything from important financial documents to pictures of your family that you can never get back if lost.

The reality is that your hard drive has a lifespan. Eventually your hard drive will begin failing and will die. The trick is to back things up before your hard drive goes belly up. Keep in mind that if your computer does die, we offer great data recovery services as well. It is always better to aire on the side of caution though and backup. So do yourself a favor and back things up today!

Data Backup Services We Offer

Data recovery can take a lot of time and is much more expensive than backing up so keep that in mind when thinking about backup services we offer. We offer several options for backing up your data, from external hard drives, to off-site backup services we can help you implement.

  • We can help you setup an automatic recurring backup schedule so you can sit back, relax and know your data is being backed up regularly.
  • We recommend some preventative maintenance to attempt to keep your hard drives healthy. This includes proper cooling, defragmenting your drives, dusting
  • Data is extremely important and keeping it backed up is really important. We can help you setup and implement a good backup system to keep all of your important data safe.
  • We can help you setup backup systems for servers, laptops, desktops, towers and everything in between. Call us today or bring your computers in to our shop!

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