Computech is your expert in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas when it comes to networking services, computer repair, and business IT services. If you are in need of high-quality, competitive computer, IT, or networking services, contact us today. 

Computer Repairs

Our computer repair services here in Idaho Falls are second to none. We have a track record of happy customers and can fix pretty much any laptop or computer issues we run into.

Laptop Repairs

Computech offers competitive Laptop repair services and specializes in a variety of common laptop repair problems. Is your laptop in need of repair? Bring it down to Computech!

Server Support

Computech offers the absolute best networking and Server services in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. We will even come to your business for Server Setup or Server Support issues.

Data Backup

Losing your data can be a very painful, expensive and stressful event.  Computech can come to your business and implement data backup and recovery options in the event of an issue.

Data REcovery

Data recovery services can range from the extremely simple to the nearly impossible. We are experts when it comes to recovering your files and always go the extra mile to ensure data recovery if possible.

Software Installation

Upgrading, or installing software can be a cumbersome task when your deploying across even small networks. Small problems frequently arise, and in many cases your networks security can be at stake.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is not as strait forward as it sounds and if not done properly it can lead to real hassles. Computech will ensure that your entire business has excellent coverage, and that your wireless network is secured.

Virus Removal

It has become so easy these days for your laptops, computers, networks, and even smartphones to get infected by malware and malicious viruses that can be annoying and even steal your identity.

General Computer Services

  • Onsite and Remote Computer Repair
  • All Makes and Models, Mac & Win
  • PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Networking & Site Survey
  • Wiring (data cabling) Services
  • Windows & Linux Server Setup & Maintenance
  • Windows & Linux Server Setup & Maintenance
  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Laptop Repair Services
  • Software Repairs & Deployment
  • Hardware Repairs As Needed
  • (VOIP) Telephony Solutions
  • Printer Services
  • PC Security Auditing
  • Home Office Networking
  • Business & Residential Data Recovery
  • Deleted Files Recovery
  • Data Storage Services

Business IT Services

  • Onsite IT Services
  • Computer and Networking Services
  • Computer and Network Repair Services
  • On-Going IT Support
  • Software Deployments
  • IT Office Relocation Services
  • Data Cabling Services
  • Business phone systems/VOIP

General Computer Services

  • LAN/WAN Installation and configuration
  • Firewall Installation and configuration
  • Network Printer Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Exchange Server Configuration
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance
  • Wireless Networks (Business)
  • Wireless Networks (Residential)
  • Low-Voltage Data Cabling
  • Structured Data Cabling Services
  • Data Closet Installation