Computer Repairs

Is your computer running a lot slower than it was when you bought it? Maybe your computer is not booting, or you have a nasty virus. We offer high quality computer repair services in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. We have been fixing and repairing computers for a long time now and have built a solid reputation in Idaho Falls for quality computer repair services.

We have a lot of experience troubleshooting both hardware and software issues with computers. We are experts when it comes to fixing computers, that includes computers of every make and model out there.
When it comes to dealing with computer and laptop repair issues, we have you covered! We strive to offer the absolute best and most competitive computer tune-up and repair services in eastern Idaho. We cater to both home PC users and business owners alike. All of our service technicians are Microsoft A+ certified and fully capable of fixing pretty much any computer issues you have.

We provide on-site service for both business and residential customers!

  • Fix issues dealing with hardware and software for laptops, notebooks, desktops, towers, and everything in between!
  • We offer data recovery services if you cannot access your hard drive.
  • We can help you remove malware, viruses, and spyware from your machine.
  • We offer the absolute best tune-up services to speed up your PC.
  • We are equipped to repair every major brand including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, ThinkPad, Vaio and others.
  • We can repair your computer in your home or office, just call to setup.
  • We can easily upgrade your laptops, desktops and tower computers with more RAM, new CPU, hard drives and much more.
  • We can repair dim, cracked, flickering, or broken LCD screens on laptops.
  • We will update your operating system with new drivers, malware software, and security updates.
  • We can give you hardware and software upgrade advice.
  • We can even service your computers remotely.
  • We can help your business setup secure internet access through a LAN.
  • We can setup a secure and encrypted wireless network for your business.
  • we will always service your computers with utmost privacy and confidentiality in mind.

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